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Alejandro Beltran is a student at St. Mary’s University. He will be graduating with a Communication Studies degree this coming May.  He has worked with many companies including La Michoacana Meat Market, Kroger, The Summing Group (Finance), Telemundo and Amazon. He plans to continue his education by studying music after he graduates from St. Mary’s. Alejandro has also worked with many musicians and has played in different rock and praise and worship bands. Right now Alejandro has plans to work at Telemundo and hopes to make a career out of it if it is possible. Telemundo gives his a chance to learn more about the communications industry and is the only job that directly connects with his major. He currently works at the promotions department, which includes going to big events and telling people more about Telemundo and what they do. He hopes to move up in the ladder and hold different positions in order to have a well-rounded experience at Telemundo. Alejandro has a passion for airplanes and is planning to get his pilot’s license this year. Being a pilot develops a great deal of communication skills and self-trust. Alejandro is a well-rounded individual and uses values and morals in order to be successful.

Media Production Class

Students from Media Production Class

Fifth Row from the left Michaelangelo Betancourt and Myself

Fourth row from the left: Norma EspinozaSofia Ruescas, and Alyssa Last Name*

Third row from the left: Brandon VillarrealJonier Gutierrez and Maria Esquivel

Second row from the left: Renee Padilla, Alice Thane and Janice Rodriguez

From the bottom left: Victoria ValleSamantha Schultz and Paul Pruski

Walking in the Life of Alejandro

I am excited to start this semester because this will be my last year here at Stmu. I am also excited because two of my siblings also come to this school. I cannot wait to start learning about video and audio editing. That is what I am looking for the most in this class. During the summer, I started learning how to edit by using Garageband, Logic Pro X and IMovie. It might be a challenge for me to learn how to use all the programs that we will be using since I am not very good with technology but I know that I will get through it. Another challenge that I anticipate is getting to know the equipment that we might get to use in class. This class very much align with that I want to do with my career that being in music or communications. I make music videos sometimes and in Telemundo I might have to do some editing as well. I am not sure if I will have another class that relates to my career more than this one does. I am also hoping to get out of it as much as possible and have a great learning experience in the class. I cannot wait to start my learning experience in this class.


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