Final Reflection Essay

I believe that this class has been the most useful class that I have taken at St. Mary’s. Before this class I was never that great at using editing software. I learned how to edit videos, Audio and also using Adobe Photoshop to edit pictures. Figuring out Final Cut Pro was a bit tough at first since I had never used it before. Once I understood how it worked I was able to edit a video or an audio clip easily and quickly. I now feel confident that I can figure any other editing software quickly and I can edit and compose a video or audio file. I also had never used a desktop mac which as I found out are very simple and easy to use.
I have improved my visual skills by using different photography techniques. I now know how to take a picture correctly when making a video or a presentation. Something that will always stick with me is that I should always take vertical in order to get the best out of every photo. I will remember the 5 shot rule as well for the next time that I have to a similar video, close up hands, face, shoulder, medium and full body. I also improved my photography skills by being able to tell what to take pictures of if order to make a visually satisfying project.
The skills that I definitely developed the most and I enjoyed working with are my interpersonal skills. My personality helps me with this skill for sure since I am very friendly and easy to talk to. The way that I developed them the most are by doing the interviews and getting to know people in a different way by asking them about their daily life. My favorite interview was the one that I used for the “Taste of StMU” project. That one was a lot of fun as well as taking pictures and editing them.